Kalahari Crisps

Satisfy all of life’s cravings with this high-protein, no-sugar snack.

  • Crisps Variety Pack
    Three bags of Kalahari Crisps Air Dried Beef Chips. Flavors are Original, Southwest Verde, Rosemary Citrus.
  • Original - 1oz
    Original - 1oz
  • Rosemary Citrus - 1oz
    Rosemary Citrus - 1oz
  • Southwest Verde - 1oz
    Southwest Verde - 1oz

2oz Bags of Biltong

Individual flavors are available in single bags or in 3, 5, and 10 packs. Always have biltong on hand. 

1oz Biltong Snack Packs

1oz bags of our biltong in 12 or 24 count boxes. Perfect for adding biltong to your weekly snacking habit.

  • Original - 1oz
    Original - 1oz
  • Spicy Peri Peri - 1oz
    Spicy Peri Peri - 1oz
  • 1oz Biltong Variety Pack
    1oz Biltong Variety Pack
  • Chili Lime - 1oz
    Chili Lime - 1oz

Kalahari Merchandise

Love the brand? Add some Kalahari swag to your life.

  • Kalahari Workout Tee
    Kalahari Workout Tee
  • Short Sleeve Tee
    Short Sleeve Tee
  • Mountain Trucker Hat
    Mountain Trucker Hat
  • Map Trucker Hat
    Map Trucker Hat
  • Beanie

Enjoy the Adventure.